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Garden Lockdown Solutions

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

5 ways to make the most of your garden in lockdown

We have been lucky enough to see an increase in design enquiries during this 'stay at home' time and have had lots of general questions about how people can make more use of their gardens during lockdown.

Although the post-lockdown future is unclear, what is becoming increasingly clear is that we can make a lot more of what we already have around us, and some of the more simple things in life are the most rewarding.

Here are some of the tips we have been sharing.

Take the opportunity to tidy up

Weeding, neatening up borders, giving paintwork a bit of TLC are all simple ways to make the garden feel a little tidy. As they say ‘tidy garden, tidy mind’. This can be a nice way to get active without leaving home, or just an excuse to spend 5 minutes outside.

Take school or work outside

If you have a shaded seating area, or you can create one by moving table and chairs, then why not make the most of the good weather by taking school or work outdoors. Fresh air might help to diffuse any tensions arising from being cooped up in the house all day.

Get a new perspective

Tired of doing the same daily walk and seeing the same sights? Try spending time in a different part of your garden. As mentioned, this can be as simple as moving any furniture to a different part of the garden. Alternatively, take a blanket and some cushions outside and create a new seating area. Kids also love making dens, so if you have little ones can you find the space in your garden to do this?

Increase your knowledge

Not being able to get out and socialise has left many of us with a little more spare time. Instead of increasing your TV intake you could use the time to brush up your knowledge on planting and garden maintenance. The Independent have some great suggestions for books and apps.

Get a garden design

This is the perfect time to think about what you might be able to do with your outdoor space. At DRJP Designs we think the garden should be seen as an additional room, to broaden the limitations of your indoors and a good design can help you maximise this room.

For a free consultation to find out how it works get in touch. We can manage the whole process, from initial enquiry through to final drawing outlining the design, contact and initial consultation is free.

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