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Designed Backyard


What we do together

  • Firstly, give me a call or send me an email anytime to arrange a free consultation.

  • During our consultation we really get to grips with what you want from your outdoor space and how you will use it.

  • It is helpful if you have a rough idea of how much you want to spend on building your garden.

  • My job is to design something that works, that fits your budget no matter how big or small.

  • I will make a proposal tailored to your needs with a quote.

  • Once you have given the go ahead on my proposal, we can start to action it.

  • You can decide whether or not to add the additional services that I offer now or at a later date.

  • I will take a deposit upon acceptance of my proposal and then stage payments throughout depending on the work we will be doing.

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We can discuss ideas, make recommendations for garden solutions and then I will outline what I can do for you, when I will do it, in a design proposal.

If you like the proposal then it's up to you to givce me the go ahead and I will start sketching​.

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Included in the design proposal will be the following stages seen below; survey, concept sketches, outline plan.

Technical construction drawings and a  specification of materials, for example; types of paving, brick, timber etc, can also be added if they are needed. 

garden survey
concept design
garden design


The whole garden gets measured in order to plot onto drawing paper.

This includes the height changes, the drainage inspection covers, any over head cables and particularly tall trees or high overlooking buildings.

If you have a very large garden of a certain size I will outsource the survey to a chartered surveyor.


Loose, freehand, to scale sketches, where your input is vital to bring together all the ideas for your garden.

Presented to you at a suitable mid-way point in the process.

At this stage it is easy to make any changes if we need to.

The concepts will meet the design deliverables set out in the proposal.


The finished design, colour rendered, a printed copy goes to you.

The imagination and love of the garden will come to life in this hand drawing.

All elements are to scale, this is vital for you to get a feel for being in the space before its made and equally important for contractors before they commence work 

Accurate pricing is made much easier for landscapers as well.

Process & Services: Projects


The following services are an addition to the basic design process, they can be added at proposal or at a later date of required.

planting plan design


Comprehensive, annotated, scale drawing of all areas to be planted.

I can find the 'correct' plants for the soil type, the sunlight etc but more importantly, I can find the plants that show bright coloured stems in winter, have beautiful fragrance or unusual flowers for example..



How the materials are handled, what sizes, colours, where from etc.

For larger projects where its really important that the design stays within your budget for the build.

Techniques for construction is also included which really helps you to monitor the quality.

Process & Services: Projects


I have good, long standing relationships with renowned nurseries and can source the best quality and priced plants.

I can also arrange safe delivery and plant them in as well if this is something that you require.

project monitoring garden design


I can arrange to be present for 3 to 5 visits depending on what is relevant. 

At the start, during, and towards the end of the build to monitor the work to reassure you that things are going well and to plan.

With my landscaping experience I can also offer advice on the build.

Process & Services: Projects
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