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What is a garden designer and why do I need one?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

As a Bristol based garden designer I am keen to help people understand the industry I work in, the benefits that come from working with a designer and how to get the most out of the process I offer.

First let’s define what a garden designer is.

In my view a garden designer is someone who collaboratively aides the process of getting the most out of your outdoor space and defines what you want and need from it. This is usually through discussions between the people who will use the garden and designer, who will then complete a formal survey of the area, and produce a drawn design.

In its most basic form, providing the link between what you imagine your space to look like, and it becoming the dream garden. The single most important factor being that you, the client, dictates what you want to spend on the garden construction.

You tell your designer how much you have to spend and they will design something that fits that budget.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say on garden designers if you want a second opinion and there is more..

Things a garden designer can do:

  • Maximise the budget you have set aside for your garden, centered on your priorities

  • Save you time by getting to a clear idea of what you want, even if you don’t build it all straight away

  • Help you come up with a better way of using the space, to reflect on it in different and new ways

  • Create plans, construction details and building specifications that your landscaper or contractor can read

  • Give you the confidence that the final build will be exactly what you see on paper

  • Reduce the chance of there being unexpected or hidden costs when the construction is happening

  • Provide an accurate survey of your garden and outdoor space, which gives you the the foundation for future work

  • Provide inspiration for planting based on your surroundings, favoured colours, styles and plant attributes

  • Recommend garden landscapers, plant nurseries and various trades people

Here to help and inspire

There are lots of places you can go to get inspiration for your garden but without a garden designer it might be tough to work out materials, quantities and above all getting your ideas to sit together in a formation that works.

Most garden designers will be qualified, I gained my diploma in garden design from the Bristol Garden Design School.

If you are still unsure whether you need a garden designer, why not get in touch to arrange a time to chat and if you are in Bristol I will come to you - don’t worry it’s free! My services start from as little as £300 for an introduction sketch.

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